Malika Redmond, MA
Founding Executive Director

"Malika Redmond is the co-founder and executive director of Women Engaged an initiative based in Atlanta, GA, that works to inspire Black women and young adults to become impactful leaders, key decision-makers and effective agents for social change through voter engagement and reproductive justice advocacy and leadership development.   Malika has worked for 20 years both nationally and internationally managing projects that focus on women's human rights, racial justice, and youth empowerment.  She founded the International Black Youth Summit in 1994, and was one of the youngest national field organizers for the 2004 March for Women’s Lives an event that brought nearly 1 million participants to the national Mall.  

Malika is the proud board Chair of the ProGeorgia Civic Engagement Table and her awards include the 2016 distinguished Rockwood Fellow for Leaders In the Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice field,"Stand Up for Reproductive Justice" award by Feminist Women's Health Center, "Legends in the Making" award by Planned Parenthood, SE, and a nominated "ChangeMaker" for the 2016 United States of Women conference. Her writings are featured in Truthout, PRA, The Women’s Health Activist, and AlterNet.  Malika holds a BA from Spelman College and MA from Georgia State University."

Michelle Wilson, MA
Senior Program Manager

Michelle is a native of Kansas City, Missouri with a passion for social justice and human rights. She was the first woman appointed as Chairwoman of the Kansas City Youth Commission, where she led a team to develop policies to positively impact youth. She ventured to Little Rock, Arkansas where she attended Philander Smith College. She co-founded the first Gay-Straight Alliance at a Historically Black College in the state of Arkansas and worked closely with the Human Rights Campaign to advocate for LGBTQ+ people of color. While in Arkansas, she was appointed to the Arkansas Coalition for Juvenile Justice. She was also a board member of Women Lead Arkansas, an organization geared toward inclusiveness of women in the political engagement.

Michelle coordinated and managed over 28 programs which covered a range of issues in her position with the Social Justice Institute of Philander Smith College. In 2013, Michelle received her BA at Philander Smith College and is completing her MA at Clark Atlanta University in Political Science. Michelle’s passion and work for equal rights makes her ideally suited to contribute to fulfilling the mission of Women Engaged.

De’Andrea N. Byrd, J.D.
Program Associate for Women Engaged
Reproductive Justice Legal Fellow for IF/When/How

A native to Dayton, OH, De’Andrea Byrd received her Juris Doctorate from Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, LA. Dee is not only passionate about personal growth and sharing her journey with others, she is also passionate about fostering space for others to grow personally while sharing their stories. It’s Dee’s mission to help those around her become their best selves. Dee led her way through law school by serving as an Evening Student Representative for the Student Bar Association followed by Vice President where she advocated for a more integrated and cohesive student body. While exceeding 300 hours of community service and being a student leader, Ms. Byrd graduated one year ahead of schedule. Dedicated to education and self-growth, she has studied abroad as a Legal Fellow for Passages Israel where she spent 10 days touring the country of Israel visiting various political, spiritual, and historical sites. She also spent most of her time traveling to conferences in Mexico, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Mississippi and Atlanta to bring resources back to SULC. Ms. Byrd utilizes all of her experiences, education and input as Program Associate with Women Engaged and Reproductive Justice Legal Fellow for If/When/How. She enjoys learning how to organize and impact the community from grassroots leadership to understanding the logistics behind data collection in her current role at Women Engaged.


Akilah-Moon Johnson, BA/AA
Executive Director's Assistant

Originally from Brooklyn, New York. Akilah attended and graduated from Russell Sage College with a BA in Communications/Public Relations and Sociology. Akilah has over 20 years of experience working with children and families in numerous areas, from Foster Care to NYC DYCD funded After-School and Evening Family Programming. Akilah has also worked to advocate for families in shelters, foster care and preventive services. Akilah has worked for WE since March and enjoys helping empower young women and people of color find their voice. Akilah also enjoys creating new ideas , supporting voter rights, families staying politically & socially active within their communities.






Early Voting Period: May 18 - June 5th

Monday, May 18, 2020 at 08:00 AM through June 05, 2020

Early Voting Period: May 18 - June 5th

Avoid long lines and follow best safety practices by taking advantage of the early voting period in your county, Monday through Friday. Visit the MyVoterPage through the Secretary of State to find a polling location near you.

Saturday Early Voting

Saturday, May 30, 2020 at 07:00 AM

Saturday Early Voting

Georgia mandates at least one Saturday for voters to cast their ballots, who are unable to make it during the weekdays. If you need to cast your ballot on Saturday, be sure to look up your voter status and a sample ballot to expedite the process. This information and more can be found by using the MyVoterPage through the Secretary of State.

Deadline to submit absentee ballots

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Deadline to submit absentee ballots

If you have received an absentee ballot, it is important that you mail in or drop off your ballot to the appropriate location by this deadline. If you need information about where you can drop off your ballot or where to mail it to please contact your local county election’s office for the correct information. Our trained specialists are also available to assist you, please leave us your information and we will contact you in 48 hours to assist.

If you are unable to submit your ballot on time, you can still vote on election day, though the process may take longer than expected. Be sure to arrive with your absentee ballot on Election to expedite the process. 

Georgia Primary Election Day

Tuesday, June 09, 2020 at 07:00 AM

Georgia Primary Election Day

Before heading to the polls, make sure to check that your polling location has not changed using the MyVoterPage through the Secretary of State. It is important, more than ever, to have a voter plan in place for how you will reach your polling location, stay safe, and access the ballot box. If you or someone needs any assistance navigating this process, one of our trained specialists will assist you. Please visit our Contact Us page, indicate you need assistance with your voter plan and one of our team members will gladly contact you within 48 hours to assist.



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