When #WELoveHer, WE10Honors Her! 


“….bell hooks’ thoughts on how our love of Black people was always at the center of the Black liberation struggle. In her trilogy series on love, bell hooks takes note of the misconceptions that freedom must centralize power over love. Instead, she offers that love and power work in tandem with self-determination and love is central to Black freedom. This is what I see happening today as the movement for Black lives centers on love of self, a determination to be fully recognized and respected, allowing our entire community to thrive. Self love and self-determination are the cornerstone of reproductive justice. WE’s (Women Engaged’s) intersectional framework links the current uprising to our community engagement work. As a Black women-founded, and Black-led organization, our roots are steeped in love and power-building and connects us to the rich civil rights legacy that transformed the world and makes Atlanta, GA, so special.” - Malika Redmond, June 2020


Black women, transgender black women, femmes, girls, and gender expansive indiviuals have always been at the forefront of impactful movements. In the midst of severe shortages of necessities, such as baby formula and childcare, rising costs of grocery and transportation, and judicial attacks on our human rights and constitutionally protected bodily autonomy, Women Engaged continues to fight and build power within our communities. Our CEO said it best in her legendary Essence Magazine article, “as a Black woman, activist, and new mother, we are our own best advocates deserving of respect and support.” 


Women Engaged supports Black women, femmes, girls, and young adults to become impactful leaders, key decision makers and effective agents for social change through integrated voter engagement, reproductive justice advocacy, reparations advocacy, and leadership development. Every month for the next 10 months we will look to you in the community to nominate a Black woman or femme in your life that you would like to honor. Those selected will receive a one-time financial award of $1,000 to use towards honoring themselves how they see fit. 

You can see our inaugural event taking place, on Thursday, March 28, 2024. 



This initiative seeks to illuminate the invaluable contributions of Black Women, Femmes, and Girls within our communities, offering them the recognition and support they rightfully deserve. Through a short application process, we invite these nominations to share the compelling narratives of these remarkable individuals. 

Click here to nominate yourself or someone else.


Must be a Black woman, femme, or girl

Must be a resident of Georgia 



For questions email [email protected] or call 404.474.2900.


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